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Melt  Method

MELT was created by Sue Hitzmann, a New York City-based manual therapist and connective tissue specialist. Using specialized techniques, a soft body roller, and four different balls, MELT is designed to reconnect whole-body communication, rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release compression in joints.

Ideal for women and men over 40 who want to stay active, mobile, and independent, MELT is also a good choice for active younger adults and athletes who want to maintain a healthy body and achieve optimal performance without wear and tear. If you are injured, post-surgery, pregnant, overweight, sedentary, out of shape, or have limited mobility, chronic pain, knee or hip replacements, or bone disorders – you can still MELT. It’s an excellent starting point for any exercise and wellness program.


“A little proactive self-care goes a long way toward keeping you pain-free and active for a lifetime.” — Sue Hitzmann

Sue Hitzman demonstrating on The Rachael Ray Show


Join our MELT instructor for a 90- minute intro MELT workshop.


Our MELT instructor will teach you a simple self-treatment technique that helps prevent pain, heal injuries, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living.

Using MELT hand and foot treatment balls, you can learn how to reduce joint pain and muscle tension. Improve flexibility, balance, posture, and core strength as you reduce everyday aches and pains.​




22 Chestnut Street, Suffern, NY 10901

Price:        $30 

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