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Find Your  Balance


We all have experienced stress in our modern lives, we know that stress can sap our inspiration and drain our energy, so what can we do?

Tatyana is inviting you to learn about Meditation and Relaxation Technique in order to Reclaim Your Inner Joy.  

During the 90 mins workshop, Tatyana will explain the 5 Steps of Meditation: Systematic relaxation, Stillness in body encourages stillness in mind, Relaxed & effortless diaphragmatic breathing, Breath awareness at the nostrils and Rest your awareness in the breath or sound of a mantra.

Meditative techniques are accessible to everyone and designed to unite mind and breath and turn them inward, allowing us to nourish and rejuvenate ourselves on every level of our being.

Life is too short to be unhappy, sign up now and make the first step to your healthy balance life!


May 7; 1-2:30pm


22 Chestnut Street, Suffern, NY 10901

Price:        $30 

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