Yoga Classes


Gentle Yoga is an individualized opportunity to gently explore and tune into the body with a meditative frame of mind while increasing flexibility, strength, and well-being.  If you are new to yoga, a Gentle Yoga class is a good place to start. All levels are invited: seniors, special needs, beginners, pre/postnatal, and anyone who wants a restful, meditative class. 

There are many health and wellbeing benefits of adopting a regular, gentle yoga practice. Reduced stress and cortisol levels, increased strength, flexibility and balance, weight loss, better sleep and mindfulness are some of the many reasons on a long and growing list.

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As we get older our muscles tend to stiffen, our joints lose their range of motion, and we become more susceptible to chronic problems such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and heart disease. Senior Yoga can help slow down the effects of the aging process by maintaining muscle softness and flexibility, keeping the mind alert and awake, encouraging relaxation, and strengthening muscles and joints. Its multi-pronged approach can encourage the body, mind, and spirit to remain healthy and strong while reducing the effects of many age-related issues.

The Senior Yoga class, as designed and led by lifetime yogi Tatyana Kochergina, is all done in a chair, making it accessible to almost everyone. You will be surprised how much you can do! Tatyana shows you how to stretch and strengthen both the upper body and lower body in a thorough and effective way, while enhancing circulation and improving balance and body awareness.


Balance with TK's Kids Yoga program is designed to help children stay active while, at the same time, teach them methods of relaxation by bringing together the body, mind, and breath. 
The classes improve focus, flexibility, strength, and coordination. They also promote a positive self-image, increased confidence, and greater body awareness—all in the context of a fun, non-competitive environment. 

Book Girl Scout troop classes and Birthday Parties with us!


Calm employees are more confident and creative, both as individuals and in teams. 

Balance with TK's Yoga at Work program encourages self-care for employees through practices that include movement, breathing techniques, and mindfulness to improve strength, flexibility, and attention. 

Tatyana has been teaching stress reduction to social workers at board meetings (15 minutes) and hospital employees during their lunch hour (30 minutes), as well as in 45-minutes classes. Each class is unique and designed to meet the needs of the client.